Brice and Sam Wedding [Stones of the Yarra, Melbourne]

When I experience those little moments of perfection in my lifetime I always find myself reflecting on the seemingly improbable way fate seemed to align so perfectly to arrive at the moment I’m in. It is like that film “Sliding Doors”, with one little hesitation or simple decision my life could have gone an entirely different direction.

For Brice and Sam, the story of how they met is one just like that. Sam and Brice both lived in Canberra and at that stage Sam was share housing with one of her very good friends. They lived in a 3 bedroom place together and were looking for a third housemate to fill their empty room. They had a few potential candidates but there was just something about Brice that made him their winning applicant. Perhaps it was his charming good looks or the fact that Brice came with the bonus of unlimited wheels of brie (at the time Brice was working for a cheese wholesaler company)? Whatever it was, the decision to select Brice as their new housemate changed Sam’s life from that point on.

Over the year living together, Sam and Brice’s relationship developed but it wasn’t until the next Valentine’s Day when all three housemates went out on a ‘friend’s Valentine’s date’ that Sam and Brice really got serious. After a year of dating on the down low, they announced their ‘officialness’ one New Years Eve surrounded by friends who all responded with an ‘Oh, we know!’.

Even if their relationship was a poorly kept secret, the many ways they adore each other isn’t. Their amazingly stylish wedding day at Stones of the Yarra was such an incredibly perfect day that showcased their wonderful relationship.