Davian and Anna Wedding [Bramleigh, Dandenongs]

I never envy my couples in the lead up to their wedding day, the amount that they have to overcome together to prepare, plan and work through before their wedding day sometimes seems impossible. Davian and Anna had the additional challenge to overcome, organising and executing their wedding from interstate. Anna and Davian met while living in Canberra, but celebrated their marriage in Melbourne, where Davian grew up. Having Davian’s family present to celebrate their big day not only gave his family the opportunity to celebrate their new lives together, but also fulfilled Davian’s Dad’s long-held desire to see all his children in their graduation gowns. Having previously skipped their uni graduation ceremonies, Davian’s Dad was not letting the opportunity to see his children all suited up with a photographer around go to waste, organising for graduation gowns to be on hand to capture his sorely missed graduation pics!

Faux-graduation ceremony aside, Davian and Anna’s wedding was an elegant celebration held in the gardens of Bramleigh in the Dandenong region. The couple were surrounded by friends and relatives as they got ready for their big day, and the couple’s bridal parties each included some of their most important people, rather than traditional groomsmen or bridesmaids. The day was capped off by a performance by the newly weds who took the opportunity to show off their passion (and skill!) for dancing, performing a choreographed dance they’d learned in one of the lessons they’d previously taken together.