Eitam and Tammy [Melbourne Hebrew wedding, Stillwater at Crittenden]

Sometimes I go to a meeting with a potential wedding client and the time between the finish of our meeting and waiting to hear back from them is a nervous one. I get so excited by the prospect of working with them that the wait is nerve wrecking. This is how I felt from the very first meeting I had with Eitam and Tammy. From the onset I knew this was a couple I clicked with.

Eitam is a chef and a business owner. Eitam and Tammy own Eintein 251 (a cafe on Melbourne’s south side). Tammy is also a singer. Eitam lives, breathes and yes literally eats his passion. When he isn’t working he is looking up new recipes and experiments with new creations.

I often wonder though how a passionate person can function in a relationship. How can you juggle that thing you love to do whilst still not neglect the person you love being around? I have often considered how selfish a passionate pursuit can be. This isn’t a judgement on others but purely a reflection on how much within my own persuit with photography that this often feels a little selfish. How does that work in a loving relationship?

With Tammy and Eitam the answer came to me. The way both Eitam and Tammy support each other in their lives was something that gave me a little perspective. From the very first meeting both Tammy and Eitam gushed about the other’s skills and successes. It wasn’t their own selfish pursuit but a pursuit nurtured and shared with each other. This is what made me so excited to see them together. And as I shot their wedding day the stories I heard from their friends and family reaffirmed the success of their relationship. Two passionate people sharing each other’s successes and journey together.

Besides the life lessons this wedding showed me it was also the first time I had been asked to photograph a Jewish wedding. The day took me back to my past of shooting concerts. The energy, the movement, the dancing. It makes any photographer’s adrenalin rush and it definitely is something I would love to photograph again!

Thank you Tammy and Eitam. All the best for your future together. And I still have to come out and try a burger at Einstein’s very soon.