Michael and Lili wedding [The Willows, Melbourne]

One of the struggles when attempting to stick to my healthy eating regime is wedding days. A long day on your feet would make anyone ravenous but at the first glance of the dessert table, any attempt to stick to my low sugar, low calorie diet goes completely out the window! Michael and Lili didn’t help this at all with the most exquisite dessert table I have ever seen. There was an array of amazing desserts – think salted caramel treats, gold leaf decorated marshmallow cones and macarons also dusted in gold . Seriously, Michael and Lili just exude style – their home, their wedding outfits and the small details are all part of this.

Michael (a die hard lover of rock music) and Lili (the warmest, most caring new friend I have met) celebrated their wedding day one Tuesday in March after work. I always find the tradition of the bride and groom not seeing each other until the ceremony really fascinating. I am naturally a bit of a stress head and I know in my own circumstance the person that calms me the most is my partner, Jen. The morning of your wedding day can be one of the most stressful moments in your life so I love when I get a chance to see couples get ready together. It is an interesting sneak peek into their true dynamic that they share in day to day life. Michael and Lili got ready just down the road from the Willows, Michael stealing quiet moments to himself on the balcony of their apartment while Lili got her hair and make-up done whilst still fussing and making sure I was comfortable (trying to be the ever so generous host even though it was her wedding day!) As the afternoon crept by, I snuck a few photos of Michael and Lili adjusting each other’s final buttons and details and then before we headed for their early evening ceremony we shot some quick portraits down back streets of Melbourne. There was something so beautiful about the juxtaposition of late afternoon light reflecting off the buildings around with the urban textures we found.

As this was a Tuesday wedding most guests arrived just after work for Michael and Lili’s short ceremony before enjoying the intimate sit down dinner (and ahem, this mind blowing, buffet, dessert table!!) with the rest of the couple’s closest friends and family. Check out the photos below.