Sascha and Katie [Lightspace Studios, Brisbane]

Katie and Sascha married on a sunny Brisbane day in front of friends and family in New Farm Park by their friend Jo (an official wedding celebrant).

Katie and Sascha first met three years ago when Sascha moved to the Solomon Islands for work. One thing that I love about these guys is how much the Solomon Island culture has become entwined in to their life. Katie and Sascha have adopted the Solomon Island way in their everyday life (even accidentally emailing me in Solomon tongue) and chose to reflect some of the culture in their wedding ceremony. The exchange of shell money to the bride’s family is a tradition that represents the value that her chosen partner’s family place on this woman and shows the gratitude and joy for her entering their family. Sascha and Katie were lucky to have their friend Judy, a friend they met in the Solomon Islands, to be part of the ceremony, exchanging the shell gifts.

After the ceremony the girls partied on at Lightspace, a gorgeous modern warehouse space in the Valley. There are many moments I get to experience that make me reflect on how lucky I am to be a wedding photographer. I had one of those moments that night surrounded by Katie and Sascha’s ridiculously hilarious friends trying to out “flashdance” each other on the dance floor. As I tried to document all the craziness they had me literally in tears from laughter. Check out the awesomeness below.