Should I Get My Wedding Dress Cleaned Before My Wedding?

Should I Get My Wedding Dress Cleaned Before My Wedding?

The dress you wear on your wedding day is more than simply an article of clothing; it’s a symbol of your love and dedication to your partner and the start of a wonderful new chapter in your lives together.

With all the planning that goes into a wedding, one important question that may come up is whether or not the bride should have her dress cleaned before the big day. We’ll discuss why it’s not only a good idea, but also a symbolic gesture, to clean your wedding dress before the big day.

We’ll walk you through the significance of this pre-wedding task and provide you helpful hints to make the best choice, from keeping it in excellent condition to eliminating any lingering odours or stains. Taking care of your wedding dress before the big day is something you shouldn’t skip, as you’ll see if you keep reading.

Should I Get My Wedding Dress Cleaned Before My Wedding?

It is recommended that you have your wedding dress cleaned before the big day. Your wedding dress needs to be cleaned before the big day for several reasons:

  • Preserve its Pristine Beauty: Wedding dresses are often made of delicate fabrics like silk, lace, and chiffon, which can easily collect dust and dirt during storage. Cleaning your dress helps maintain its original beauty, ensuring it looks flawless when you walk down the aisle.
  • Remove Stains and Spots: Even if you’ve been careful with your dress, it can still accumulate small stains or spots over time. Professional cleaning can effectively remove these blemishes, ensuring your dress looks spotless in your wedding photos.
  • Eliminate Odours: Wedding dresses can develop musty odours when stored for an extended period. Cleaning your dress can help eliminate any unpleasant smells, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable on your wedding day.
  • Prevent Yellowing: Over time, the natural aging process can cause the fabric of your dress to yellow. Cleaning and preserving your dress can help slow down this process, keeping it looking fresh and white.
  • Avoid Last-Minute Stress: Having your dress cleaned well in advance of your wedding date gives you peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about last-minute mishaps or rushing to get it cleaned days before the ceremony.

It’s important to find a competent cleaner who is familiar with working with wedding dresses. It is also important to let the cleaner know if your dress has any special features, such as beading, sequins, or complex decorations so that they can be taken care of properly.

In conclusion, having your wedding dress professionally cleaned before the big day is a must if you want it to look its best and feel your best.

Do Brides Keep Their Wedding Dresses?

As a symbol of their wedding day, many brides opt to keep their gowns as keepsakes. While there is no universal rule about whether or not a bride would keep her wedding dress, there are a few things that seem to play a role.

  • Sentimental Value: Wedding dresses often hold significant sentimental value. They are a tangible reminder of the day when a couple pledged their love and commitment to each other. Many brides want to keep their dress as a cherished heirloom to pass down to future generations.
  • Future Use: Some brides hope to preserve their wedding dress to potentially wear it again for a vow renewal ceremony, to pass it on to their daughters, or for sentimental photo shoots in the future.
  • Financial Considerations: Wedding dresses can be expensive, and some brides may consider selling their dresses after the wedding to recoup some of the costs. This can be especially appealing if the dress is in excellent condition and can find a new home with another bride.
  • Storage and Preservation: Keeping a wedding dress in good condition requires proper storage and preservation efforts. Brides who are committed to preserving their dress may invest in professional cleaning and storage to prevent yellowing or damage over time.
  • Personal Preference: Ultimately, whether or not a bride keeps her wedding dress is a personal choice. Some brides may have no sentimental attachment to the dress and may choose to sell or donate it shortly after the wedding.

It’s important to note that preserving a wedding dress requires special care, including thorough cleaning and storage in acid-free materials. Consult a professional dress preservation agency if you plan on retaining your wedding dress to make sure it stays in pristine shape for years to come.

Who Traditionally Pays For The Bride’s Dress?

It is customary for the bride or the bride’s family to pay for the wedding dress worn by the bride on her wedding day. In many different cultures and wedding traditions, it is common for the family of the bride to pay for all of the costs associated with the wedding, including the cost of the wedding dress.

This includes the cost of the bridal gown. This custom extends back to a time when marriages were frequently viewed as a transfer of obligation from the family of the bride to the family of the groom, and the bride’s family would offer a dowry, which could include clothing and other valuables.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that the customs associated with weddings have changed over time. In modern times, many couples opt to divide the financial burdens associated with their wedding, which often includes the cost of the wedding dress worn by the bride.

There are even some couples who choose to foot the entire bill for their wedding. When it comes to who pays for the various wedding expenses, modern weddings typically offer more leeway and place a higher focus on the individual’s freedom of choice than traditional weddings do.

In the end, who pays for the bride’s clothing and other costs associated with the wedding is a question of personal preference, and how this is handled might vary greatly from one wedding to the next. To guarantee that all parties involved are on the same page about wedding costs, engaged couples and their families should have discussions that are both open and honest about budgeting and financial responsibilities.


A bride’s decision on whether or not to keep her wedding dress is a very personal one that can be influenced by feeling, how useful the garment will be and her personal preferences. Dresses worn during weddings frequently carry tremendous sentimental value and have the potential to become treasured heirlooms that are passed down through generations. 

There is a possibility that some brides will decide to keep their gown if it could be worn again in the future, while others will likely choose to either sell or donate the garment. If the dress is going to be kept, it needs to be properly cleaned and preserved if it is going to be kept in good shape.

In the end, whether the bride chooses to keep or dispose of her wedding dress is a reflection of the special connection she has to the wedding dress as a sign of the love and dedication she felt on her special day.

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